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Spendflo has been a game-changer for us. With 140 stakeholders in Carta for $9,180 compared to the 75 stakeholders at $9,600 with our previous solution, Tropic, the math speaks volumes – a remarkable 30% savings. In less than three weeks, Spendflo delivered close to 40% of our year's guaranteed savings, achieving a staggering 90% ROI. Choosing Spendflo was a decision we only regret not making sooner.
Marcello Halitzer - Senior Director, FP&A , Chapter
Why choosing Spendflo is a no-brainer
Ease of Use
Ease of Setup
Product direction
"Spendflo has taken off a lot of load from the shoulders of finance and legal on procurement processes."
- G2 User
"They only support a subset of all procurement deals and scanning of commercial terms has often fallen on our own internal legal resources"
- G2 User
" A very user-friendly and intuitive platform that integrates well with our existing tools "
- G2 User
"The dashboard they provide is quite cumbersome and very involved"
- G2 User
"Within a week of onboarding, we saw a
2x ROI with three urgent procurements."
- G2 User
"The software platform migration took more time than expected delaying the benefits of their processes/platform."
- G2 User
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Key Differentiators
Assissted negotiation and onboarding
Automated license de-provisioning
Cost-avoidance, usage management, contractual savings
End-to-end Slack-enabled workflows
Key features pay-walled
Third-party risk assessment
Specialized M&A optimization services
What makes Spendflo Different ?
Assisted buying
Get the best deals with our team of certified procurement experts by your side.
Seamless onboarding
Eliminate change management with our seamless transition and 100% adoption.
Slack-first SaaS management
Single-touch workflows. Request, approve, renew, and insights data, all from Slack.
User sentiment analysis 
Measure user satisfaction of your SaaS stack with our unique sentiment analysis.
Vendor intelligence
Instant access to vendor & industry insights, for data-backed procurement decisions.
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What’s in it for you:
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Transparent, in-depth vendor intelligence
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Intuitive procurement workflows
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Seamless integrations
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Granular user and team-based SaaS insights
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Real-time license management
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Easy overage and anomaly tracking
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SaaS negotiation & renewal advisory
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Assisted buying expertise
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Save up to 30% of your SaaS expenses.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we work with you when we already have a Procurement department?

Here’s the thing: your Procurement department is spread too thin. They cannot (and shouldn’t) waste hours negotiating each contract.

Additionally, buying SaaS is challenging. Your team does not have access to the vast price benchmarking data that we have.

We’re here to be an extension of your procurement team—to do the heavy-work while they focus on strategy.

How much money can you really save me?

Depending on the scale of your SaaS spend, we can guarantee 2x to 3x ROI. We mean it. If we don’t meet this number, we’ll pay you the difference.

What industries and businesses does Spendflo benefit the most?

We’re the best fit for businesses with a growing SaaS stack (>$250k annually in SaaS spend). No surprises there!

How can we trust you with our strategic vendor relationships that we’ve built over time?

You don’t have to. Building trust takes time. We’re happy to help with the bulk of non-strategic contracts which will still save you time and money.

Do you also double as a SaaS management platform?

We believe in doing one thing—and doing it right. While we’re not a SaaS Management Platform, we are partnered with a couple and can help with the buying and onboarding process there too.

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