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 SaaS usage monitoring simplified for G Suite users

Active User Count

Single Sign on using G-suite accounts helps Spendflo provide information on SaaS usage across organizations. Businesses can monitor usage and take actionable insights. Spendflo integrates with SSO access logs and helps monitor login activity and overall usage.

Licence Management

Spendflo helps save on SaaS based on login information and organizations can reclaim under-utilised licenses.

Spend Management

Spendflo pulls in spend information through invoices detected in email. Spendflo understands relevant SaaS spending data via G Suite integration to help you analyze and take action.

How Spendflo helps G Suite users

Monitoring all users

With permission to track the list of users. Spendflo will be tracking all g-suite users within an organization to monitor active SaaS usage.

Track active usage of SaaS applications

To get the list of apps that the users have logged in to using their G-Suite account. This gives visibility into all the SaaS tools that the org is using.

Read their finance email

Spendflo requires access to read the customer organisation's finance email. This access will allow Spendflo to uncover the SaaS application invoices that the organization has received in this email. This helps us to pull relevant SaaS spending data and link it with their SaaS subscriptions.

Spendflo helps companies manage the challenges of SaaS proliferation. Spendflo acts as an integration hub that centralises SaaS data into a system of record from disparate sources like SSO/idP, accounting, HR, contract management & procurement lifecycle products.

How Spendflo helps G Suite users stay on top of SaaS

Eliminate unwanted licences and wasted spend
Remove duplicate tools
Track unknown apps and remove shadow IT
Automate security and compliance

Advantages of using Spendflo

  • Users can centralize all of their SaaS apps across their organization and see who's using them and how much they are spending on them.
  • Analyze current and historic expenses on multiple SaaS applications across teams.
  • Eliminate excess spend by identifying inactive accounts, extra licences and overlapping SaaS apps.
Spendflo makes your entire SaaS buying cycle faster, cheaper and more efficient. And if we can’t? We’ll write you a cheque for the difference.

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